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Tantric Massage Beijing

The origins of Tantric massage can be traced back over 9000 years to the Himalayan Mountains in India. This form of massage was built on the belief that men could be re-energised by a Tantric masseuse who would use divine female energy, known as Shatki, to guide the male to a release that unites the body and mind. At PEARL Beijing®, we use this ancient form of Tantric massage in Beijing to offer relief from the stresses and strains of modern life.

Traditionally, Tantric massage was performed on men by women. However, careful research has revealed that there were forms of Tantric massage performed on women as well. PEARL Beijing® has a number of fully trained masseurs and masseuses, making the experience available to both men and women.

The key to receiving and getting the most out of Tantric massage in Beijing is complete surrender. While most of us associate massage with the neck and shoulders, this ancient art focuses primarily on the erogenous areas and the sexual organs. In men, these are referred to as the Lingam and in women, the Yoni. During the process, you may be asked to contract and relax certain muscles - give yourself up entirely to the requests of your masseur and the final result will only serve to be more intense and more gratifying.

Do not worry that the process seems a little one-sided. Our masseurs are trained in this ancient practice and part of this is that they will refuel themselves from the energies you radiate. Tantric massage in Beijing is a fusion of physical and spiritual release. Many recipients feel that they have achieved something akin to an orgasm, but on a higher, more spiritual plane. This result is something that few people ever come to experience and is a truly life-affirming experience. Our masseurs aim to provide you with that experience, leaving you feeling recharged and positive.

Tantric massage offers supreme benefits on many levels, restoring mind, body and soul. In the hands of our professionals, you are sure to achieve heights of physical and spiritual pleasure that you may not have believed possible. For further details or to book your first massage, contact us today.

Tantric Massage Beijing

Tantric massage is an ancient delight that has brought great spiritual satisfaction and physical ecstasy to countless men, and now women too, over the centuries. This once in a lifetime euphoria is the perfect intertwining of your sensuality and spirituality. In the hectic surroundings of a non-stop city like Beijing, tantric massage becomes a beacon of reinvigoration and pleasure. Not only is it capable of the valuable stress relief of traditional massage, tantric massage offers a gateway to a plane of subliminal existence many may never experience.
Through this extreme physical stimulation, a man can achieve a plane of tranquillity and overwhelming sensation of mind, body and spiritual wholeness. Not involving penetrative sex, a tantric massage concentrates on the sexually stimulating value of an art discovered more than 9000 years ago.
Nine centuries ago in the Himalayan Mountains of India the technique was created, the perfect marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within the natural and spiritual worlds.
PEARL Massage Beijing’s masseuses have immense expertise and a deep understanding of the principles of tantric massage. Who could be better than a stunning, talented and alluring masseuse to use the ancient female energy to deliver you to a physical and spiritual nirvana? In her role she becomes a goddess of sensuality and sexuality, using the underlying aura of femininity, Shakti. You fuel her with your unbounded male energy, Shiva, radiated throughout your tantric experience. The tantric massage process involves using the universally creative power of nature, embodied in the Yoni, the tantric name for the vagina, and the erotic stimulation of the male organ, the Lingam. During this process, to ensure the greatest and most satisfying physical release, totally succumb to the expert techniques of PEARL’s highly trained masseuses, your utter submission only serving to heighten the rapturous experience.
Our uniquely deep understanding of the art of tantra at PEARL Massage Beijing even allows us to offer this unmissable experience to our discerning female clients, meaning gender is no barrier to achieving spiritual and physical ecstasy in Beijing. For nearly ten millennia tantric massage has been believed to release the stress of life and fully re-energise anyone experiencing it in a moment of incredible unity of mind, body and soul. Book yourself a tantric massage today and find out just how much more that experience offers.

PEARL Tantric Massage

Tantric massage brings a once in a lifetime euphoria, bringing great satisfaction to all those who have the pleasure to experience the delight of an ancient art once reserved for only the most powerful and cultured rulers. However in the hectic modern age, there is little time for spirituality, placing a greater importance than ever on reaching your spiritual peak, with a tantric massage you too can experience the delight of reinvigoration and pleasure. Tantric massage can help with relieving stress and allowing you to experience pleasure that very few may never experience. This exclusive service, expertly provided by PEARL Beijing® Massage offers the relaxation, pleasure and comfort of a classic massage and so much more, allowing you to experience the energies of the natural and spiritual world.

This ancient art was created in the Himalayan Mountains of India and PEARL Massage Beijing’s masseuses have perfected this technique and have great expertise and understanding of the ancient art of tantric massage. Our stunning masseuses will leave you feeling reinvigorated, revitalised and replenished. At PEARL, we give you great choice allowing you to hand pick your beautiful masseuse to make sure your experience is truly one to remember, each stunning, sensual and talented masseuse is open for your selection in our online gallery. As well as this, PEARL Beijing® Massage’s masseuses come directly to your door meaning you can experience the delights of tantric massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Not only does PEARL allow you a pathway into a deeper, spiritual realm, it heightens the experience by allowing you to experience this in the comfort, tranquillity and privacy of your own residence or 5 star hotel room.

PEARL Beijing®’s stunning masseuses have a deep understanding of tantric massage and this allows us to offer this spiritual massage to our female clients. Tantric massage releases the stress of life and allows you to experience euphoric unity of mind, body and soul. Providing our award winning suite of erotic massages we understand the benefits of each, from the simplicity of a Classic massage, the temptation and denial of a Tie&Tease or the pure indulgence of the Wet&Wild massage nothing can much the spiritual vitality created through a Tantric massage. Having been perfected and honed for thousands of years PEARL is proud and honoured to add our own expertise and flair to the rich history of Tantric massage, a satisfaction only exceeded by the harmonious euphoria of the rapturous spiritual sensation.
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