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Tantric Massage

Tantric massage has been practiced in the West since the 18th century. Today, Tantra has become a synonym for “spiritual sex” or “sacred sexuality”, a belief that sex in itself ought to be recognized as a sacred act, which is capable of elevating its participants to a more sublime spiritual plane.
A Tantric massage does not involve penetrative sex, but it does allow for the intense erotic stimulation of the sexual organs. The male organ is called a Lingam, which is the creative power of nature and represents the god Shiva. The female vagina is called a Yoni, which is the source of all that exists and represents Shakti and Devi, the creative force that moves throughout the entire universe.
When performed by an experienced masseuse, she is capable of elevating you to the ultimate state of ecstatic consciousness – creating a full body orgasm that few people ever achieve in their life.
This is why we devote so much time to training all our Pearl Beijing masseuses in the ancient erotic art of Tantra massage.

Tantric Massage

The ancient practice of tantric massage releases the most intense physical, emotional and spiritual sensation of any massage, a once-in-a-lifetime moment of pure euphoria. A euphoria that restores your energy, refreshes your mind and invigorates your body like never before. A tantric massage does not involve penetrative sex, instead it leads to a release much greater; a higher plane where your spirituality and sensuality intertwine. Today tantra is synonymous with sacredness and spirituality within sex, a deeply held belief in the value of sexual stimulation in the heatlh and wellness of body and mind. It acknowledges that tantra is a gateway to an elevated plane of pure consciousness and unbounded pleasure.
The art of tantra was discovered in the Himalayan Mountains of India over 9000 years ago, a technique harnessing the masculine and feminine energies of the natural and spiritual worlds. Tantric massage is based around the belief that divine female energy that can re-energise a man with a release that unites body and mind. Using the power of that divine femininity, Shakti , a woman becomes a goddess of sexuality and sensuality, fueling herself off the energy, Shiva, radiated from the male. The ancient tantric massage focuses on the erotic stimulation of the sexual organs, the male organ, the Lingam, the creative power of nature and the vagina, the Yoni representing the creative force that flows throughout the entire universe.
In the capable hands of one of Pearl Beijing® Massage’s beautiful masseuses your deepest desires for pleasure are sated. The experience is heightened by your total surrender to the goddess of Shakti, your masseuse, a surrender that increases the intensity of your stress release. You will be asked to relax and contract certain muscles, willingly give yourself up to your fully trained Pearl Massage Beijing masseuse and the result will be the reaching of a state of purely ecstatic conscious elation.
While tantric massage was traditionally performed on men research has uncovered techniques for the massage to be performed on women too, meaning everyone has the opportunity to be gratified by the uniquely intense tantric release.
As ancient an art as any in massage, the tantra massage is ever more effective in releasing the stresses and tensions of modern life. Pearl not only offers the best tantric massage in Beijing but one of the best tantric massages in the long history of tantra. For millennia a tantric massage has offered a life-affirming euphoric release. This sensation is known only to few but a pleasure unmatched to all that have experienced it. Join these few and feel that sensation; it all starts with a call to Pearl.

Pearl Tantric Massage

At Pearl we know that each individual contains a range of intense energies, from your spiritual beliefs to your sexual desires. Better than just understanding that situation, Pearl understands how to combine those two usually separate walks of life into one experience of pure euphoria. The ancient art of tantric massage is a technique requiring great expertise and one Pearl is truly proud to have in our masseuses repertoire.
Not involving penetrative sex the tantric massage creates a physical experience and spiritual climax that will leave you feeling re-energised, re-invigorated and replenished. This once a in a lifetime sensation of rapture is delivered through the expert control of a man’s potent energy, Shiva, and the creative force of nature and womanhood called Shakti. In physical terms this involves the masseuse stimulating the male organ, the Lingam, with the vagina, a centre of an energy known as Yoni. Through satisfying contractions of the Lingham a man can reach a physical and spiritual ecstasy far beyond that of a purely physical orgasm, this in turn fuels the Shiva further added to her divine femininity. The rich history of tantric massage has always seen the Yoni as a manifestation of the creative force of nature.
Having been created 9000 years ago we are fortunate to be able to offer a technique that has seen almost 10 millennia of improvements and refinement. This lets Pearl deliver a tantric massage experience that would have been fitting for pharaohs, emperors and kings throughout the ages. Pearl massage Beijing has also added to this constant evolution with our customary dedication to offering choice. To this end Pearl is proud to offer you the option to customise your experience by handpicking any one of our gorgeous masseuses. On top of this unprecedented level of choice Pearl Beijing Massage’s masseuses will come directly to you meaning the utmost comfort and utter privacy.
The stresses and pressures of modern life can often leave us feeling remote and detached from our spiritual desires but tantric massage offers a portal into a whole new world of pleasure and sacredness. The mythology of tantra has been present in so many cultures for thousands of years, a Pearl tantric massage offers you the chance to turn that legend into your own life-changing rapturous climax.
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