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Sensuous Massage Beijing

While erotic massage is often practised between partners, there is more to this therapy than meets the eye. Booking a PEARL Sensuous massage in Beijing will open your eyes to greater heights of relaxation and sexual awareness than you ever thought possible. Primarily, this is because our masseurs and masseuses know that massage of this kind relies on how you touch someone as much as where you touch them. Sensual massage unites the senses and releases energy within you that are potent healers and natural tranquillisers. The result is that you will feel uplifted, calm and ready to face whatever life throws at you.

The philosophy and practice of PEARL’s sensuous massage in Beijing can be found in ancient writings and mystical belief systems. While it also leads to a blissful state of relaxation, massage of this form is also designed to release healing energies from within. The Kundalini is said to be one of the most powerful energies that we all possess and sensuous massage in Beijing can awaken and release this force, giving the body greater power to heal itself. In addition, Tantric massage can reactivate the chakras – power centres that keep our physical, emotion and spiritual health in alignment.

The most potent healing energy we have available is sexual energy and a sensuous massage in Beijing is designed to activate this. Our masseurs and masseuses work with men, women and couples to help them to reconnect with their sexual energy, using a variety of methods such as Body to Body massage, Sacred Spot massage and submissive techniques. This last method is designed to help you surrender yourself entirely to the experience, ensuring that you will come away from it with a sense of serenity and well being.

In addition to enhancing your well being, booking a sensuous massage in Beijing can offer benefits to other areas of your life. Erotic massage can impact positively on your self-confidence and, particularly, in your love life. Many of our clients report an increase in libido and a greater confidence with intimacy after giving themselves up to the expert hands of our trained professionals. Book a massage today and add an extra dimension to your life.
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