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Sensual Massage Beijing

At PEARL Beijing, we have made it our business to learn everything there is to know about the art of sensual massage. From the masseurs and masseuses to the oils they employ, every tiny detail is carefully thought out and designed towards one thing – total relaxation for you. For this reason, we have been voted as the Number 1 Massage in Beijing for the fourth year in a row.

Sensual massage in Beijing can take many forms and our masseurs are trained in only the most rewarding and relaxing forms. In addition to providing the benefits of Tantric and nude massage, we have developed our own forms of sensual massage in Beijing to offer our clients a truly sensory experience.

One of most popular forms of sensual massage in Beijing has to be the PEARL Body to Body massage. Traditional masseurs use only their hands to manipulate and massage muscles. In a PEARL Body-to-Body massage, the masseur uses their entire body to heighten the senses and help the recipient achieve a state of physical and emotional bliss. These services are available for men, women and couples and clients can request more than one masseur to heighten the experience.

For a sensual massage to work on every level, the eye must be pleased as much as the rest of the body. To this end, we only use masseurs who are as attractive as they are talented. Many of the testimonials we receive comment on just how beautiful and graceful our masseurs are. By paying attention to these details, we are ensuring that your massage will exceed your expectations.

Whether you are stressed out or feel that sensuality is lacking in your life, a sensual massage in Beijing is the perfect way to get back in touch with your libido and recharge your batteries. An experience of this sort unites all the senses and transports you to a heightened state in which every caress resonates on a very profound level. Our masseurs offer a service of the highest level and are skilled in putting you at your ease as quickly as possible. To rediscover your sensual side, browse the website for further information and contact us at your leisure.

PEARL Sensual Massage Beijing
The benefits of traditional massage are well known so it’s not impossible to guess the luxuries and sensations afforded by the much more enlivening sensual massage. What might surprise you
 though is just how euphoric a sensual massage can be with a PEARL Beijing® massage, winners of Beijing’s Best Sensual Massage on four occasions. At PEARL our commitment is to creating the most erotic and satisfying massage available while still offering the discerning client a wide and varied range of massages.
PEARL’s sensual massages variety is unparalleled and offers depth and myriad pleasures across our entire range. The stripped down pleasures of Classic massage, sees a fully-trained masseuse massages every inch of your naked body to release all your tensions and stresses while reinvigorating you, spiritually and physically. With a Body2Body massage the intensity is raised, as a masseuse will use not only her talented hands but also each inch of her gorgeous irresistible body. Those two massages offer undeniable physical pleasure but if you seek to renew your spiritual vim and vigour a Sacred Spot massage can deliver you to rapture with its intense tantric pleasure. For those seeking discipline and desperate to submit in obedience there is the light domination of a Tie&Tease massage, where one of our stunning masseuses lets loose her dominant side for a truly unforgettable experience, one you mat feel you barely deserve. PEARL prides itself on this selection but reserves its most sensual experience for only the most exclusive of massages, the Wet&Wild leaves no fantasy unfulfilled. Starting with an impossibly luxurious experience in a Jacuzzi with two of PEARL’s stunning masseuses and with the pleasure only escalating from there.
With such an unmissable range of massages PEARL Massage Beijing still knows that it’s only fair to cater for the feminine urge too, offering the PEARL Velvet, designed to fulfill all of a woman’s wants, desires and fantasies, with the assistance of a handsome and irresistible masseur. Those looking to add even more to the experience can request additional masseuses also, PEARL guarantee that each hand-picked masseuse matches their considerable expertise with allure and beauty.
PEARL offers the best range of sensual massages in Beijing with a selection of unforgettably exquisite masseuses and the comfort and privacy of being able to enjoy this divine experience anywhere you choose, from your residence to a five star hotel room. Don’t let your most sensual of urges go unfulfilled, call PEARL today, we guarantee we have the massage for you.

Sensual PEARL Beijing® Massage

With PEARL Beijing® Massage you undoubtedly are in good hands. Quite possibly the best hands in the capital, how else could we win the award for Beijing’s best massage? Not once but four times. PEARL truly offers a sensual massage Beijing can be proud of.  So find yourself immersed in the luxury and rapture of one of PEARL’s unique massages. It’s impossible to deny the benefits of a traditional massage, a staple in stress relief and relaxation but it might surprise you just how much more satisfied you can be by going the extra mile and enjoying an extremely sensual nude massage.
Our exquisite range is tailored to suit any taste, to satisfy any urge and the commitment to providing a discreet and bespoke service extends to welcoming you to hand pick your stunning masseuse from our equally beautiful selection. In their caress you will find salvation, Beijing’s best sensual massage relieving all your tensions, stresses and so much more. Going far beyond the limits of a traditional massage your gorgeous, nude masseuse can ease away your troubles with any one of our signature massage options.
For an uncomplicated, focused sensuality we offer the Classic nude massage. Upping the ante slightly is the Body2Body massage, where an irresistible, beautiful masseuse uses every inch of her body to bring you to a peak of pure ecstasy. For those seeking a truly spiritual release there’s our heavenly Sacred Spot massage, a tantric experience unlike any other sensation you may experience. For something completely different, a session of pure domination and submission we offer the Tie&Tease massage where a totally in control masseuse will have you constantly at her every command. Our final option, the most exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience of all is the incredible Wet&Wild. This massage represents the ultimate pinnacle of your fantasies, where two beautiful masseuses of your choice can take you from Jacuzzi to bedroom never once without their sensual tender caress.
PEARL Massage Beijing is delighted to announce that we are Beijing’s best outcall massage service, meaning our masseuses are free to come to you wherever you are! So enjoy the delights of one of PEARL’s many massages at the hands of a stunning masseuse in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. PEARL’s experience in sensual massage and our utmost devotion to offering a discreet service of the highest quality lets us offer the greatest sensual massage Beijing has ever seen. So many people have enjoyed our fantastic service, why shouldn’t you be next?
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