You have found the best massage service in Beijing! I have been a regular for over 2 years. Beautiful, sensual and very experienced ladies with great enthusiasm. A must try!" PearlFan

"Hi guys, simply the best erotic massage in Beijing! Dont miss out!" Roy

"Sensual tantric massage at it's best!  just heavenly, beautifully coordinated. I thought of trying someone exotic this time,
totally different from my usual type of Pearl beauties...when I asked
the helpful receptionist who would she recommend, Leila, was the
answer. Leila, an Arabic beauty, tall, slim, exotic, with long dark brown
hair and hypnotising brown eyes...with a smile that lit her face up and
a passion to tantra that leaves you sighing with pleasure...I was
amazed by her touch, her commitment and her warmth! can't wait to book
her again on my next trip to Beijing!" Fabrice

"My last B2B  massage with Pearl was one of the best
sessions ever! I had the pleasure to meet Gina, a South American lady, young, petite blond, hot and exotic! her laughter and charm made me relax, enjoy and totally submit my body to her touch.... " Jason

"Everybody thinks French, Italian or maybe Polish girls are the sexiest. Wrong.
Unless Isabelle is an exception, date a German.
If we are what we eat, then Isabelle follows the perfect diet. She has the face and young firm body of a model. The joyful exuberance of a showgirl. A smile that says, 'I'm very glad to be with you.' And the eroticism of Mata Hari." Pierre

"This tantric massage was the best massage I have tried so far, out of
this world! It is hard to describe with words but one will definitely be
left longing for more of those sensations. Thoroughly enjoyed!" Mark

"What an erotic experience, the girl Eva, what a firm toned
body, but she moves so lightly over my body, could not take my eyes of her,
what a charm, my new favourite" Nakis

"Wow, what a temptress! The new masseuse Hana, check her out. She is hot and sexy. An exquisite young pearl in the making" Rossi

"My first experience of sensual massage with pearl was not disappointing, the masseuses Lara and Eva were sexy and knew exactly what to do, go for the plus the naughtiness in the shower before was a perfect
prelude to the best two hours of pleasure have had in a long time…" Ewan

"A big thank you for the most exquisite sensual massage I have ever experienced, the masseuse Isabelle was stunning and her hands and body were like velvet, most pleasurable, can't wait for my next one!" Alper

"Great and professional service each and every time I call Pearl
Beijing.Last time the receptionist recommended the newest addition, Sandra I was happy to follow her recommendation, as they are usually spot on. I love hot, sexy brunette, and I was totally taken by the lovely Sandra! such a warm and charming personality, gorgeous, young and sweet! Her massage was excellent and professional. She is indeed a true Pearl girl, and I will certainly book her again very soon!" Richard

"A mistress massage indeed, Charlie with her 'I am in control
and do as I say look' - but with her soft touch and sexy body, was easy to enjoy the pleasure." Andre

"As a birthday treat, I got myself a 4 hands B2B massage- that is every man's fantasy! can you imagine 2 stunning, young, sexy ladies lovingly massaging every inch of my body, front and back with their hands, with their bodies , naked, sexual, erotic, wild massage! I'm not good with names, but i certainly remember Lara and Isabelle that was pure magic, and Pearl can be proud of the top end massage they deliver! I'm a huge
" Fahad

"Had the most wonderful erotic massage with the most exotic princess Leila from Pearl, her amazing, sensual touch was tantalising, it was 2 hours of sheer unadulterated pleasure, cannot recommend them enough,
this was my second massage with them, don’t miss out!" James

"Give me a pearl girl any day, a new client and am now addicted
what pleasure, Leila, Eva, Julia all equally gorgeous but the sensual Isabelle so sweet and tantalising, it’s a shame am not in Beijing every day, I can’t wait for my next trip" Joel

"I recently booked a tantra massage with Pearl, were recommended by a colleague. The therapist comes to you at home or where you are staying. She looked stunning, impeccably groomed and was professional and I felt very comfortable. Highly recommended!" Jan

"One of the best sensual massages I have ever received. The therapists know what they are doing. This is not a 'pretend' massage where they put on some massage oil on your back and rub it up and down, this is the real thing. A right combination of massage techniques and sensual bits." Gerry

"Charlie was lovely, the erotic experience was amazing, I couldn't wait to tell you. Please pass on my thanks to Charlie. I will definitely call again." Paul

"Helena, Helena, Helena! You came into my life from a Hollywood filmset. I've never known such beauty and your hands - wow, wow, wow. Can't wait for the next time." BeijingBoy

"The most beautiful, sensual massage experience, her soft silky skin, sexy body and captivating eyes had me begging for more, a real
temptress, one very satisfied guy, pricey but worth every penny." Mr X
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