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Naturist Massage

People have been naked for most of human history and nudity was considered a natural and normal part of life.

It is relatively only recently that the majority of humans began to be ashamed of their bodies and chose to hide it with clothing.

Naturism began as a self-help reform movement during the nineteenth century. At a time when medicine could neither explain nor cure disease, many people believed that crowded and unsanitary cities, tenement housing, restrictive Victorian clothing, and oppressive working conditions all led to poor health and rampant illness. Some observers concluded that what people needed was exposure to the natural healing elements or fresh air, sunlight, and water-preferably with loose or absent clothing.

Experimental clubs opened in Germany, and later in France and England as places where individuals could practice their natural lifestyle without outside interference (as long as they stayed on private property). Since the early clubs were experiments in natural living, they imposed the full natural regimen on all guests: nudity rain or shine, abstinence, vegetarianism, and mandatory calisthenics.

Many guests decided that the practice was not as attractive as the theory, but while some of them deserted the cause completely, others noticed that the social nudity had a positive psychological effect that they all appreciated. When people removed their cultural body armor they felt freer and less stressed than during their everyday lives. People were who they were, not what they pretended to be behind their textile uniforms, jewelry, and makeup. This relaxed social ambiance became the hallmark of twentieth century social nudism.

Several other trends hastened the transition from naturism to nudism. The
youth generation at the turn of the century embraced the great outdoors, and went off hiking and canoeing around the countryside-often nude, and often in mixed groups. Western society underwent a sort of sexual liberation at this time, and relaxed many of its moral standards.

Naturism is also thought by practitioners to be therapeutic. Many practitioners cite that the lifestyle is not only healthy physically, but emotionally cathartic. Clothes in this regard almost represent not only a physical encumbrance, but a metaphorical burden from which they are being unleashed. From a medical standpoint, many nudism advocates point to the importance of Vitamin D exposure, and how technology dependent lifestyles often cause deficiencies in that regard. Critics contend that overexposure to sun can result in various forms of skin cancer, and stress that exposure should be done in moderation.

Polls taken in the last decade demonstrate increasingly tolerant attitudes toward nudist activities and practitioners. Close to ten percent of the surveyed population indicated they would consider visiting a naturist resort or go skinny-dipping in mixed company. Close to 40% admitted they walk naked in their own homes.

Another growing area in naturism is the sensual massage. Five years ago in central Beijing a new type of massage company was borne, combining all the elements of Tantric massage with the idea that both the masseuse and the customer were naked together. This company is called PEARL Beijing and is now so successful that it has been voted the No1 naturist massage company for the past 5 years.

Naturist Massage Beijing

Naturism is a lifestyle defined by harmony with nature, a reinvigorating synergy often unattainable when subjected to the stresses and strains of modern life. Within naturism, it is widely believed that there are many health benefits, including the positive effects of being naked outside, such as the production of vitamin D in response to exposure to sunlight. Many naturists practice naturism for its sensual elements and also the sensation created, a wonderful feeling of well-being, as well as being socially liberating and relaxing. At PEARL Beijing Massage, we believe it is important to take time out of your busy week to indulge in one of our relaxing, sensual massages.
The PEARL Body2Body Massage is an unimaginably erotic experience with your whole body being covered in massage oil applied by a gorgeous masseuse, which we invite you to handpick from the irresistible collection in our gallery. You will experience the pleasure of the naked body of one of our masseuses, using her hands and every inch of her beautiful body to caress you. The massage guarantees a feeling of pure indulgence, freedom and delight.
Naturism is a popular pursuit for its spiritual aspects, offering an experience on a level higher than purely physical. According to Tantric philosophy, “The Sacred Spot” is the emotional sexual center. To remove stress, such as emotional and physical stresses of the day, the Sacred-Spot can be massaged resulting in an extremely pleasurable, spiritual and healing experience. It can be incorporated with any of PEARL’s Sensual Tantra or Body2Body Massages, resulting in ecstasy that very few get to experience.  
Offering the best Naturist Massage in Beijing is PEARL’s mission and we’re proud to say that we have won the award for “Beijing’s Best Sensual Massage” five times, so you can be confident that with PEARL you are in very capable hands. Naturism is believed to help people relax and unwind and be a truly spiritual experience, and at PEARL Beijing we believe that our massages can also help take away the day’s stresses and provide a euphoric sensation. The original PEARL Classic Massage uses a combination of massage techniques such as the Tantra massage - a truly spiritual and tantalising experience.
With this amazing suite of massages PEARL offers a window to the values of naturism, with the discretion and high quality you'd expect from any high class organisation, thanks to our out call massage service. Free yourself and enliven your body, make your call to PEARL.

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