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About a lovely Pearl Beijing® Masseuse

I could give you a hundred reasons why I love Isabelle, starting with
the facts she's beautifully spoken and well-educated, utterly charming, spoils me rotten, and makes me feel she really likes me.

It could be summed up in one little incident. She hadn't known I had a bad fall after seeing her last time ("They only tell me the good
stuff)"), and I was explaining to her that, to help me next time I trip,
the doctor had strongly recommended I use a walking stick.

And that I was hoping for a gentleman's cane as used by Bertie Wooster, Sherlock Holmes, and Hercule Poirot.  It turned out though that they
wouldn't bear a man's weight. So I had to get a strong black wooden one, guaranteed for the job.

Isabelle, stark naked,  picked it up, twirled it like Charlie Chaplin
and walked away from me down the room. It was a kindly thing to do. Playfully, she made light of it and thoughtfully she demonstrated that using a stick was fine.

Whenever I go out now, I think of the gorgeous Isabelle's divine long legs and superb young bum and don't mind taking my stick at all.
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