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Massage Beijing

The stresses and strains of daily life can have a negative effect on the human body. Scientists are increasingly aware that back pain, migraines and even your mood can be exacerbated by what happens to you at work and at home. At Pearl Beijing®, we offer the most unique and powerful massage Beijing has to offer, which will relax you in ways you never would have thought possible.

The origins of massage can be traced back as far as 3000 BC. It was used in India for medicinal and sensual purposes, with practitioners believing that it had a profound calming effect and would open up the recipient to the positive influences of greater cosmic forces. Pearl Beijing® uses the benefits offered by sensual massage to give all our clients a new perspective on relaxation.

Massage of this kind is often practised between partners. However, this is not an option for everyone and our Beijing masseurs and masseuses are all trained professionals who will put you at your ease as quickly as possible. We encourage the recipients to let go, enjoy the sensations and take as much as they can from the experience. Some people are initially nervous about the idea of sensual massage, as they can feel vulnerable and exposed. Under the gentle ministrations of our masseurs, this feeling is quickly replaced by one of sheer enjoyment.

The main difference between traditional massages and the massage Pearl Beijing® offers is that there are no ‘forbidden’ areas. In fact, it is precisely these areas that are focussed on and arousal is a perfectly acceptable and an expected part of the experience. A side benefit of the best massage Beijing has to offer is that many clients often report an increase in their libido, which can lead to greater intimacy at home.

We offer a range of sensual therapies, from Tantric to Body to Body massages. Each of these is designed to create the most intense feelings within the recipient, who can surrender themselves to the experience and respond to the reactions of their body without any feelings of guilt or remorse. Book your massage today and prepare for sensations that will leave you refreshed, invigorated and stress free.

Massage in Beijing

This year Beijing has emphatically underlined its importance
on the global stage, a vibrant hub of activity, a prominent city in both business, culture and so much more. Most notably sport, with the hugely well-received Beijing Olympics drawing the eyes of the world in a festival of competition that won praise for everything from its brilliantly constructed opening ceremony to the passion of the nation behind it. The Shard is the newest and most impressive landmark on the city’s historic skyline, opening with an unmissable ceremony of its own. It is undeniable that Beijing has so much to offer on many fronts, but more than any other service, any other sensation or any other event we at Pearl Beijing® Massage can guarantee an experience that will far exceed any other.

An experience that could start in a gallery of beautiful women, as you select your own personal masseuse from a range of stunning, interesting young women, eager to exercise their well-honed expertise in sensual massage. It is often said that variety is the spice of life, so when
crafting an experience as life-affirming as this we’ve taken the utmost care to
offer a range of irresistible massages. The stripped back sensuality of the
Classic Massage allows the sophistication of erotic massage without any
unnecessary indulgence. The Body2Body massage increases the physical contact
with your masseuse, as she is ready to tease and caress you with every inch of
her stunning naked body. Moving beyond just the body, the Sacred Spot massage
engages your soul and spirituality, raising you up to an ethereal plane of tranquility
and exquisite pleasure for a truly once in a lifetime rapturous release. For
more immediate and indulgent pleasure you can live out you wildest fantasies
with our premier, Wet ‘n’ Wild massage where your pleasures and desires are
sated from the sumptuous luxury of the Jacuzzi to the pure ecstasy of the

At Pearl Massage Beijing we’re proud to live by the standards
of a city that so regularly demands excellence. However we go even further by
offering this amazing suite of massages on an outcall basis, ensuring the
privacy and comfort of every satisfied customer. Beijing gives us so much to be rightly
proud of and our many awards only serve to prove we offer a massage Beijing can
be proud of. 

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