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Couples Massage

Couples Massage

In a loving couple is anything more important than the happiness of your partner? No doubt you feel as though they deserve nothing less than the best in life and at PEARL Massage Beijing we agree. That’s why we extend our award winning massage service to couples. More than just offering an enjoyable excursion for the two of you a PEARL couples massage can add a whole extra dimension to your love-life, a reinvigorating way to bring your fantasies to life.

The stress-relieving effects and physical reinvigoration of a traditional massage are well known but for the individual pushing those boundaries and creating an unforgettable tantric massage offers so much more. A massage for lovers goes even further, offering even greater heights of physical and emotional harmony and rather than excluding your partner includes them in a sensual experience that will reaffirm your love and perhaps even reshape your shared fantasies.

When experiencing Beijing’s best massage for couples you will find yourself lying next to your lover, joined in an experience of unmatched intimacy. Your body will be gently covered in warm massage oil, as one of PEARL’s handpicked expertly trained masseuses caresses each and every part of your body, their talented hands never once breaking contact with your skin. Of course in this inclusive experience your partner will be enjoying exactly the same sensations as part of this divine naturist massage. The sensations will seemingly be unstoppable, with PEARL Beijing® Massage’s masseuses well trained in the most effective methods of prolonging your rapturous experience.

A matter of pride for PEARL is the unparalleled choice and variety it offers to its experiences and the unmatched level of comfort we aim to achieve with each massage. PEARL masseuses and masseurs are freely available to come to your place of residence or hotel room and in the case of a tantra massage for couples PEARL will be sending either 2 beautiful masseuses or one gorgeous masseuse and one handsome masseur as you desire. Our consideration for your desire doesn’t end there, allowing you to choose to have you, your partner and your masseuses (or masseuse and masseur) clothed or unclothed.

A PEARL couple’s massage is a euphoric indulgence no lover should be deprived of, allowing you to dive deeper than ever before into the sensuality and sexuality at the heart of your relationship. Shared passions are an undeniable cornerstone of any good couple so let PEARL treat those passions with the care and attention that only PEARL can, let PEARL add a whole new dimension to your relationship.
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